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There is a season for everything and spring is the season to get ready for water work!  Now is the time to get working on some land-based foundation behaviors while you wait for the water to get warm enough to go to the lake or river for some fun with your dog.

As Robin Williams said, "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"

We've gathered all the gear to get your water work party started.

Splash into spring!

Celebrate the upcoming water season with a new padded water harness!  They also work well for activities like tracking and biking and come in an assortment of vibrant colors.

Five large, easy to see, rubbery coated foam floats (two white, two yellow and one red) make our 10 foot floating line easy for your dog to see. It's a "must have" for the Apprentice level and up.

Our Indestructible Buoy Ball is weighty and has a sinking rope perfect for the working level.  Available in purple again!

This 3 Handle Fetch Toy works well for the Apprentice level underwater retriever and is a new take on an old favorite which is no longer in manufacture.  

Our PWD Embroidered Welcome Mats are made of easy-care marine grade carpet with a non-slip backing and embroidered with our own designs.  Available in several designs and color options.

Retrieving Rope - floating long line
This floating line has a clip on one end, and a handle on the other. Clip it to your dog to prevent the "zoomies", allowing you to reward good behavior instead.   

Diving into Water Training is the only book written specifically for the training of Portuguese Water Dog Water Work and Trials and it takes you through all levels, from Junior through Courier. Authored by PWDCA member, owner, breeder and Water Trial Judge Cindy McCullough..

The PWD, Guide for the New Owner

Buffalo Bites are now available again!  These are great soft treats that come in strips that are easy to break and won't leave a mess on your hands. Good for any kind of training.  Made with Buffalo meat, Vitamin enriched, no preservatives, low fat.  Sourced and made in the USA.

The Portuguese Water Dog, Guide for the New Owner

Help your PWD puppy put his best paw forward by getting him off to a good start with this fabulous booklet by experienced PWD owner Verne Foster.   

Grooming? Cut your time in half!

Fishtail Scissors work like magic on both wavy and curly coats.  These fabulous shears are
now available in your choice of 16 or 21 teeth.


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