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These Limited Edition Gear Bags have some serious pizzazz! A bit lighter in weight than our Great Gear Bag, this bag still has plenty of room for the required 3 articles used in the gear bag drag.  It would make a terrific personal beach bag too.  And for those of you that like to coordinate, check out our Limited Edition Courier Pouches!

More durable than other inflatable balls, these brightly-colored marine buoys are perfect for the Courier level buoy ball drop exercise.  The tabbed portion of the ball will float level with the surface.  When paired with a floating line, this  makes it easy for your dog to regrip the line should they drop it during the exercise.

Our Indestructible Buoy Ball is weighty and has a sinking rope perfect for the working level multiple articles overboard exercise.  Available in purple again!

This 3 Handle Fetch Toy works well for the Apprentice level underwater retriever and is a new take on an old favorite which is no longer in manufacture.  

The Untangler makes combing your dog so much easier on both of you. The rotating teeth roll out and glide through tangles, while the fatter spine is easy on your hands with no pinching or cramping! Great at removing loose, dead hair.

If you've struggled with a matted dog due to enjoying water activities, you'll wonder how you got along without Cowboy Magic. Just a dime sized drop worked into a mat, will make combing through much easier.

Grooming? Cut your time in half!

Fishtail Scissors work like magic on both wavy and curly coats.  These fabulous shears are
now available in your choice of 16 or 21 teeth.

The PWD, Guide for the New Owner

Our PWD Embroidered Welcome Mats are made of easy-care marine grade carpet with a non-slip backing and embroidered with our own designs.  Available in several designs and color options.

The Portuguese Water Dog, Guide for the New Owner

Help your PWD puppy put his best paw forward by getting him off to a good start with this fabulous booklet by experienced PWD owner Verne Foster.   

Heartland Best Beef Sticks are an excellent, non-greasy, high reward value training treat.  A 2-pound package of these treats contains about 48 to 50 8" beef sticks!  All ingredients are sourced in the US and the sticks are made in Nebraska.


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